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Analysis of Purification Engineering Design Schemes in the Optical and Microelectronics Industry: Characteristics of Dust Free Workshops

| 2023-06-15

A. Dust free workshop


The simple process of LCD screen making is as follows: cleaning → printing orientation film → friction → sealing the printing layer and spreading spacer materials → combination → marking and cutting → LC injection → pasting polarizer → final screen making inspection.

In this design, it refers to some dust-free workshops of the end process, whose purification cleanliness is generally level 1000, level 10000, or level 100000. The backlight screen type dust-free workshop is mainly the stamping workshop, assembly workshop, and other dust-free workshops for this type of product, with a cleanliness level of generally 10000 or 100000.

B. Indoor air parameter requirements:

(1) Temperature and humidity requirements: The temperature is generally 24+2 ℃, and the relative humidity is 55+5%.

(2) There is a large amount of fresh air. Due to the large number of personnel in such workshops, values can be taken based on the following values: 10-30% of the total air supply volume in non unidirectional flow cleanrooms; The amount of fresh air required to compensate for indoor ventilation and maintain positive indoor pressure; Ensure that the indoor fresh air volume per person per hour is ≥ 40m3/h.

(3) The air supply volume is large. In order to meet the cleanliness and heat and humidity balance of the clean room, a large supply air volume is required. For a workshop with a floor area of 300 square meters and a ceiling height of 2.5 meters, if it is a 10000 level workshop, a supply air volume of 300 is required × two point five × 30=22500m3/h air supply volume (Air changes per hour, ≥ 25 times/h); If it is a level of 100000, the air supply volume needs to be 300 × two point five × 20=15000m3/h air supply volume (Air changes per hour, ≥ 15 times/h).

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