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Decoration requirements for entering Tianjin clean operating rooms

| 2023-04-18

1. Operating Department Wall

(1) The walls of the operating room and clean corridors are made of metal materials (electrolytic metal plates or color steel plates) that are rust resistant, scrub resistant, acid and alkali resistant, fire resistant, and sound insulation to prevent bacteria. The wall connections are in the form of circular arcs.

(2) The clean exterior corridor and other auxiliary rooms use color steel plates, and the thickness of the color steel plates needs to be executed according to national standards.

2. Surgical Department Floor

(1) All use anti-static, antibacterial, fireproof, and wear-resistant PVC rolls.

(2) The seams of the coil materials are all hot welded and welded, flat and seamless, and connected to the wall in an arc.

3. Suspended ceiling

(1) The ceiling height of the operating room design reaches 2800mm, and the material of the operating room (except for the debridement room) is the same as the wall.

(2) The ceiling height of the corridor and auxiliary rooms is designed to reach 2800mm, and colored steel plate ceiling is used.

4. Doors

(1) A light controlled induction electric door is designed for the entrance door of the operating department, operating room door, and workshop door. All other doors of the operating department are designed with an electric door.

(2) All door covers are made of stainless steel.

(3) The doors of the relevant auxiliary rooms are manually operated.

(4) Install anti-collision handrails in the corridor.

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