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Fan filter units (BFU)

Fan filter units (BFU), using the latest technology, is a distribution within the ceiling fan units used for turbulent and laminar flow clean room.

Fan filter units (BFU) on the market is one of the most quiet, good prices of the units, such units for the clean room to deliver high-quality air, but the air manifold good. Apply to the semiconductor, electronics, flat panel displays and disk drive manufacturers and optical, biological and its industrial air pollution control requirements are strictly local.

Fan filter units (BFU) product characteristics :

One.BFU system convenient and flexible, easy to install cleaner in the ceiling between the skeleton. Suitable for assembly into sterilized production lines, under the arrangement of the need for single use, and it can create more than 100 series flow assembly line.

Two. Or by the cold-rolled stainless steel materials BFU box, light weight, corrosion resistance, antirust, pleasing to the eye.

Three. Consumption and lower operating costs.

Four. BFU-quality condenser, energy conservation, operation stability, low noise, constant wind speed automatic or a level adjustment, the air outstanding performance such as the uniform distribution, no matter how high filtration efficiency up to 99.99%.

Choose accessories :

One, FFU dedicated fan of quality, energy conservation, operation stability, low noise, speed digital features.

Two, the super-efficient ULPA filters.

Three, round duct interface.

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