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Combined Air Conditioner

HT-JZ type air conditioning unit is the metal structure of the horizontal units, rated by the amount of wind size as its basic model, supply volume to be customized according to customer demand.

The main unit features :

One, using assembly components manufactured, assembled the scene, the better to avoid large unit lifting and emaciated burglary of trouble, shortening the construction period.

Two, unit framework, there could be two, the first selection of quality cold-rolled plates Cold Weldin fabricated framework, two air-conditioning units is dedicated to the production of aluminum alloy profiles alloy framework. Unit insulation board for double-sided color plate embedded selfquenching.But type of polystyrene or polyurethane foam board two. Our unit surface, stylish, light weight, has good thermal insulation and noise effects.

Three, a new unit back to the wind, the beginning of the filtration efficiency, table of cold water retaining, (steam or hot water) heating, (or steam) humidification of the exhaust air return regulation of the flow of all, silencer, back of the fan, blower of the middle of that efficiency of the filter, Ordinary well. Features of the complete requirements for different users flexibility in their choice of portfolio.

Four, the unit will use wind-into exclusive centrifugal air-conditioning condenser, unit operations have been stable, low noise, air-wide adaptability, high efficiency heat exchangers, water too small, wind and water resistance small.

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