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Clean air conditioning design and calculation of general steps

| 2006-09-28

Clean air conditioning design calculation general steps:

1. According to process requirements to determine the cleanliness level of the clean room, and decided to use the whole room air purification or local air purification, air flow table based on the selection table to determine the type;

2. Calculate the amount of fresh air, take the big two of the following, the calculation method omitted;

(1) The sum of the amount of fresh air required to compensate for the amount of indoor exhaust and the amount of fresh air required to maintain a positive pressure.

(2) Ensure that the fresh air per hour per person in the clean room is not less than 40m3 / hour

3. Calculate the hot and cold load of the clean room;

4. Calculate the amount of air supply, take the following three in the maximum, the calculation method omitted;

(1) Air volume to ensure air cleanliness level.

(2) According to the heat. Wet load calculation to determine the amount of air supply

(3) The amount of fresh air supplied to the clean room (fresh air volume).

5. According to the amount of air supply, cooling load and the choice of air flow organization form, calculate the air flow organization parameters;

6 to determine the air heating and cooling treatment program, with a return air or return air;

7. Determine the state points on the i-d diagram according to the air temperature difference and indoor and outdoor calculation parameters determined by the industrial requirements or the air flow organization calculation, and calculate the circulating air volume of the air conditioner and the clean room;

8. Calculate the total hot and cold load, select the air handling equipment;

9. Check the particle concentration and bacterial concentration in the clean room.


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