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The overall layout of the clean room

| 2006-09-28

Clean room layout and purification of air-conditioning system is closely related to purification of air-conditioning system should not only obey the overall layout of buildings, building layout must also be consistent with the principles of purification air-conditioning system, in order to give full play to the role of related functions. The designer of the decontamination air conditioner not only needs to know the layout of the building in order to consider the layout of the system but also imposes requirements on the layout of the building so that it complies with the principle of a clean room.

1, clean room layout

Clean room generally includes clean area, quasi-clean area and auxiliary area of three parts.

Cleanroom layout can have the following ways:

Surrounding porch: the porch can have windows and no windows, both as a visit and place some equipment, and some in the gallery set up on duty heating. Outer window must be double sealed window.

Interior corridor: clean rooms are located in the periphery, and the corridor is located inside, the cleanliness level of such corridors are generally higher, and even the same level as the clean room.

Two ends: clean area set aside, on the other side of the standard clean and auxiliary room.

Core: In order to save land, shorten the pipeline, you can clean the area as the core, up and down by a variety of auxiliary space and hidden pipeline space surrounded by this way to avoid the impact of outdoor climate on the clean area, reducing the thermal energy Consumption, which will help save energy.

2, personal purification line

    In order to minimize the pollution caused by human activities in operation, personnel must change the clean clothes and bleed, bathe and disinfect before entering the clean area. These measures that "personal purification" referred to as "net."

    People in clean rooms to replace clean clothes in the room should be air supply, and to the entrance side and other rooms to maintain positive pressure on the toilet, shower to maintain a slight positive pressure, and toilets, showers should be kept negative pressure.

3, material purification routes

    A variety of objects into the clean area must be purified before, referred to as "net."

    Material purification routes and people should be separated from the line, if the material and personnel can only enter the clean room at the same place, but also must be divided into, the material and after rough purification.

    For the production line is not strong occasions in the middle of the material route can be set up intermediate library.

    If the production line is strong, the use of straight-through material routes, and sometimes also need to set up in the middle of the straight route to cleanse, pass facilities.

    In the system design, the net clean room purification and purification phase will blow a lot of raw particles, so relatively clean area should be maintained at negative pressure or zero pressure, if the risk of contamination of the entrance to keep the negative pressure .

4, pipeline organization

    Clean room pipeline is very complex, so these lines are hidden organization. Specific concealment organizations have the following ways.

(1) technical mezzanine

a. Top Technology Mezzanine. In this type of mezzanine generally due to send, the largest section of the return duct, it is considered as the first object within the mezzanine. Usually arranged at the top of the mezzanine, under the arrangement of electrical lines. When this sandwich floor can withstand a certain weight, you can set the filter and ventilation equipment on the above.

b. room technology mezzanine. This method reduces the wiring and height of the mezzanine compared to the mezzanine only, eliminating the need for technical return of the return duct to the upper mezzanine. In the next channel can be set back within the fan power equipment distribution, etc., a layer of clean room on the channel can also be done on the next layer under the channel.

1. Technology channel (wall)

    The horizontal pipelines in the upper and lower mezzanine should all be turned into vertical pipelines, which are the hidden spaces in the vertical pipelines. Technical access can also be placed in the clean room should not be some auxiliary equipment, or even as a general return air duct or plenum, and some can be installed light tube radiator.

    These types of technology, such as wall (wall) as a result of the light partition, so when the process of adjustment, can be easily adjusted.

4. Technical shaft

    If technology barriers (walls) are often not overstressed, then technical shafts need to be used as they are strata and are often permanent as part of the building structure.

    As the technical shaft to collude all levels, in order to fire prevention, the internal pipeline installation is completed, to be used in the layers with fire-resistant limit of not less than the floor of the material closed, maintenance work stratification, access doors fire doors must be fortified.

    Regardless of the technical interlayer, technology channel or technical shaft, when directly as a duct, its inner surface must be treated according to the requirements of the inner surface of the clean room.

5, room location

    Air conditioning room is best close to the requirements of large clean room air supply, and strive to shortest duct lines. But to prevent noise and vibration, it also requires the clean room separated from the engine room.

6, safe evacuation

    As the clean room is airtight buildings, the safe evacuation has become a very important and prominent issue, and purifying the air conditioning system settings are also closely related. General should pay attention to the following points:

(1) There shall be at least two safety exit points in each fire zone or clean area in the production floor. Only one area with an area of less than 50㎡ and a staff of less than 5 persons shall be allowed to have only one safety exit.

(2) The net entrance of people should not be evacuated for export. Because the net route is often twists and turns, once the fireworks, requiring staff to quickly go to the outdoors is very difficult.

(3) air shower can not be used as a general access, as this door is often two interlocking or automatic, in the event of failure, very evacuation, it is generally set in the bypass shower door, staff more than 5 People must set the door. Usually staff should not go to the clean room when the leaching room should go bypass.

(4) The doors to the clean rooms in the clean area, facing the need to maintain the pressure in the room, are oriented towards the stressful room because the door is pressed under pressure, apparently the opposite of evacuation requirements. In order to consider both the requirements of normal cleaning and emergency evacuation, it is stipulated that the doors between the clean area and the non-clean area, the clean area and the outdoor door should be treated as safe evacuation doors, and the opening direction should always be toward evacuation direction. Of course, The same is true of safety gates.


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