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Tianjin purification plant need to install the main equipment

| 2016-01-06

Tianjin purification plant which has some of the major installation equipment that we must take, so that we can basically clean the dust-free workshop to reduce certain people or items into the plant brought in bacteria and dust, the following for everyone a brief introduction, hope Manufacturers shop to take advice.

   1. Tianjin purification plant into the wind need to install, fresh air filter box, the central air-conditioned central air-conditioned efficient delivery port, if necessary, also equipped with purification booster box.

   2. Purification workshop return air system to be installed, return outlet, filter effect, return air box.

   3. Into the buffer zone before entering the decontamination plant, the buffer door to install electronic interlocking, locker placed clean storage closet, fresh air machine.

   4. People and goods have to go through the workshop, air shower room, cargo shower room, the main transfer window passing small items.

   5. In the purification plant to reach the local needs of 10-1000 vertical installation of vertical laminar flow table, laminar flow hood (FFU), clean studio (removable purification work shed), self-cleaning device.

   6. Test cleanroom cleanliness, laser dust particle counter.

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